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State-of-the-art facilities

State-of-the-art facilities

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Spinning & Weaving Unit

Our group company has a weaving unit for 40 airajet and rapier looms. We usually make special fabrics on the looms and send it to our dyeing unit for dyeing and finishing.

Presently we outsource all spinning activities to various reputable spinners by supplying them raw fiber and getting it job worked. The company is in the process of setting up a small spinning unit of 5000 spindles to make specialty yarn.

Dyeing Unit

Our dyeing unit is the back bone of our Industry. We have the most modern dyeing machines for cotton, poly-cotton, nylon fabric etc.

We dye the fabric using all types of dyes like VAT, REACTIVE, RAMAZOL, DISPERSE etc. We are environment friendly and we are very strict user of only AZO-FREE dyes and chemicals from the best companies of the world like CIBA, CHT, ICI to name a few.

We are equipped with a very good lab which helps in our dyeing results. We are having a very good dedicated team of dyeing master, Mechanical & Chemical Engineers, Supervisors, Lab in-charge and workman who give their best of regular efforts to have the most efficient output and quality. Moreover, our technical teams and quality inspection department keeps strict control to maintain the quality of the fabrics.

We can also make various types of finishes as per requirement of our buyers like Wrinkle free, Stain proof, Waterproof, Fire retardant etc.

Garments Division

Our Stitching department is equipped with most modern stitching machines of world renowned makers like Juki, Brother, Pfaff etc. Our present capacity is one hundred fifty thousand pieces of garments every month, which if required can be increased within a short period.

Kanpur, where we are situated is a big industrial center specially for Textile industry. The place is abundant with good quality workmen for textile industry. The availability of quality workmen, those who know their job, makes our place suitable for textile product and gives an added advantage for Garment unit.

We also have very good and effective line control and end control system. In line control system, the line of stitching is controlled by master stitch man who helps other stitch men to overcome any problem in stitching. Thus it ensures better quality and productivity. The end control system is controlled by best inspectors who keep a strict view to see that the garments are well stitched and are well ironed to ensure garments fulfill all the requirements of the buyer.

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