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Mahavir Spinfab was established in the 1990’s as a dyeing mill with hand-dyeing processes. Over these 25+ years, the founders of the firm have worked effortlessly to expand the business further and automated many of the processes, such as the installation of Continuous Bleaching and Dyeing machines, Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) unit, Warehousing space and equipment, and many more capabilities. We have worked to achieve further vertical integration by installing weaving section, yarn dyeing section as well as several stitching units.

Mahavir Spinfab has established itself as a quality supplier of technical fabrics as well as garments, both in the domestic market and abroad.

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Why Mahavir Spinfab?

Mahavir Spinfab has more than 25 years of experience in the technical textile field and has achieved high customer satisfaction by working closely with the clients, understanding the market trends, and innovating every year so as to include more products in the portfolio. Our vertical integration has led us to provide our clients with customized designs and colors, while also adhering to a strict delivery timeline.

Values such as on-time delivery, lab-tested and approved products combined with a quick communication line with clients are the major reasons that has made us thrive in this field. We stick to what we believe in, and these values show up in our discipline & dedication.

‘Mahavir Spinfab’ name was chosen by the father of our founders, where ‘Mahavir’ is the name of the God they worship and ‘SpinFab’ illustrates the roots of the business when it started with a small fabric mill.

Mahavir Spinfab boasts a variety of products related to technical garments industry. Our products comply to the needed safety standards for both the European as well as the American market. Such certifications include NFPA 2112, NFPA 70E, ANSI 107, EN 20471, EN 14116, EN 11611, and many more. These have been certified by world class testing facilities like UK, AITEX, BTTF, NITRA and others.

As the textile industry becomes more organized in India, as well as with the improving infrastructure, more clients are looking towards India as an affordable and quality solution for technical garments. Mahavir Spinfab has a positive outlook for future development in this category and plans to expand further in other personal protective clothing and become a market leader in the same.


“We aim to create a safer work environment for everyone, irrespective of social or regional boundaries. Clothing should look good and provide the appropriate safety standards. We want to let professionals think less about their safety and more on what they excel at. Spread awareness related to safety clothing and work safely.”


“Having a global presence in the Safety clothing segment, complying with the local standards as well as styling, while promoting safety culture.”

Company Timeline

  1. Mahavir Spinfab is registered in 1995 as a dyeing unit.
  2. Stitching Unit 1 started in 2001, expanding to garment production.
  3. Stitching Unit 2 started in 2006. Capacity increased to 30,000* per month.
  4. Achieved $10+ million exports in 2010.
  5. Started working on Flame Retardant products in 2012. ISO 9001 certified.
  6. Expanded stitching capacity in 2014 to 50,000* per month.
  7. UL and CE certification approved in 2017. Coating and Lamination section installed.
  8. Stitching Unit 3 started in 2018. Capacity increased to 70,000* per month
  9. Weaving section set up in 2019 Indian Defense supplier.