Fire Fighting

FFS Lite developed by Mahavir Spinfab provides very high protection from the Fire and is very versatile in its use. Its Lighter weight makes ita a better option for the fire fighters as they have to carry quiet a with them. It is made from NOMEX IIIA Fabric which provides best protection from Fire. It’s water repellent outer layer and moisture barrier protects the wearer from getting wet and maintaining the breathability

It includes coat and bib pant, and complies to EN469-2005 certification. The garment material has three layers, and that is Outer shell, Moisture Barrier and insulation layer with liner for comfort.

Our gear is built to hold up in the toughest of conditions and is loaded with all the features you expect including plenty of large pockets and clips for your tools and communication equipment, reinforced knees, double stitched seams and comfortable overlapping collar. Your safety is most important so we’ve included bright, reflective tapes,

Product Code FFS LITE L1 FFS LITE L2
Qualifying Level
Level 01
Level 02
Outer Layer
Nomadic Aramid-OWR
Nomadic Aramid-OWR
Moisture Barrier
Aramid + PU / ePTFE
100% Aramid
100% Aramid
Nomadic Aramid
Nomadic Aramid