Industries like the petrochemicals, oil & gas, refineries etc., have many risks for Fire and chemical hazards which must be covered with multi-standard fabrics that have high FR and mechanical performance. Considering the hot and humid environment in these workstations, the garment must be comfortable and breathable for the professionals. We here in Mahavir Spinfab have closely examined the specific needs of these industries to provide protective fabrics for oil and gas sectors that meet the required standards and that ensure the wearer’s protection without sacrificing comfort.


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To enhance your protection in these environments, we offer protection to accommodate all aspects.

Compliance : 

All these standards may also be used with other PPE standards to comply with various other safety and comfort parameters to enhance the garment performance like Oil and water repellency, Chemical repellency, Thermal Insulation etc.


We Serve a global community of professionals having customized requirements. Our sales team can assist you to find the relevant products as per your specifications and meet the respective standards.